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Nov 21

HPR Black Ops 9mm Ammo

A ballistics gel test of HPR Black Ops 9mm ammo. The test pistol is a Sig P938. Also tested is DRT 9mm frangible ammo, and Extreme Shock 9mm This review also features a test of HPR Black Ops .45 ACP.

Oct 01

9mm Ammo Drywall Penetration

A drywall penetration test of various 9mm ammo, including Federal Guard Dog, DRT Jacketed Frangible, and Liberty Civil Defense Fragmenting HP.

May 22

DRT 9mm 85gr Training Ammo

A look at the new DRT 9mm 85gr training ammo. This lead free ball ammo is designed to match the grain weights of DRT Terminal Shock projectiles so that you can get the same recoil, same point of impact, and feel as original DRT ammo.

Aug 19

DRT 9mm Ammo

Penetration and expansion test of DRT 9mm 85 grain JHP ammo. The tests pistols include a Glock 19 and Glock 34.