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Feb 09

9mm Velocity Test

A velocity test of multiple 9mm ammo brands. Ammo tested is from Federal, Battle Born Munitions, Perfecta, RWS, Speer, Winchester, ZQI, and IMI. The test gun is an FNS 9C with 3.6″ barrel.  

Nov 13

9mm Defensive Ammunition Barrier Tests

In this video, the Military Arms Channel performs barrier tests of various 9mm defensive ammunition. Loads tested include Hornady 135gr Critical Duty, Federal 124gr HST, Underwood 90gr Xtreme Defender and the Speer 147gr Gold Dot. The pistol used for testing is a HK VP9.  

Oct 06

Federal 9mm 124gr HST Gel Test

The Gun Runnerz channel does a gel test of Federal 9mm 124gr HST ammo. The handguns used for testing include the S&W Shield and Model 5906.

Sep 16

Federal American Eagle Suppressor Ammunition 9mm 124-grain FMJ

Federal has announced the release of their new American Eagle Suppressor ammunition in multiple calibers, including 9mm 124-grain FMJ. Read the full announcement at ArmsVault: Federal American Eagle Suppressor Ammunition  

May 05

Federal HST 9mm vs 380 Auto

A clear gel and clothing penetration comparison between Federal HST 9mm and .380 Auto. The test pistols include the Kahr CM9 and CT380, both with three inch barrels.

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